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Why you should purchase our Wine Aerator?

#1 Wine will taste much better

The oxidation that occurs as the wine passes through the aerator helps soften flavors and releases aromas in the wine, bringing it to it's full tasting potential.

#2 Faster and more Efficient way of letting Wines breathe

Rather than letting your wine breathe in a decanter and having it sit for a prolonged amount of time, an aerator allows you to enjoy Wine immediately!

#3 Makes for a great Gift or Souvenir:

The Merlion, widely know as the National personification of Singapore is now in MERWINE form; bringing elegance, history and pride to your next bottle of Wine.

Weight: 110g

Material: Zinc alloy, stainless steel, rubber

Product Dimensions: 13cm x 3.75cm x 3.5cm (H x W x D)

Packaging Dimensions: 18cm x 13cm x 3.7cm (H x W x D)

    Packaging: Customised plastic blister mold heat-press seal between high-quality art board. Finishing: Pantone 3C with semi-matte varnish. Blink embossing on ‘Breezy Aerators’

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