Breezy Aerators- Merwine Edition

Our Story

The idea for Breezy Aerators came about while sharing a bottle of wine between friends on holiday in California. 
A simple question ‘wouldn’t it be great if….’ sparked our curiosity and led us to develop our first wine aerator modeled after the infamous Merlion of Singapore. 
Months of rigorous work, research, and development with the help of skilled craftsmen, resulted in the creation of Merwine - Singapore’s first and original Merlion wine aerator; bringing elegance, history, and pride to your next bottle of wine.

Our Goal 

We at Breezy Aerators aim to make wine drinking fun and accessible through our line of fun and beautifully crafted wine aerator products. 
With a variety of wine aerators already in development there is an array of possibilities with Breezy Aerators. Further enquiries regarding collaborations, customisation or corporate gifting etc, please get in touch with us at

Breezy Aerators- Merwine Edition

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